List of Meta Data Classes for HWD

  • media-info-created
  • media-info-createdby
  • media-info-hits
  • media-info-count
  • media-info-category
  • media-info-subcategory

This page describes several different types of media feeds that can be retrieved using the HWDMediaShare API. A media feed contains a list of media items that would be displayed in a list on your site. You can use standard API query parameters to customize the number, order and type of items that you retrieve.

HTML Feeds

To retrieve search results, send an API request to the following URL:


This page lists standard API query parameters that the HWDMediaShare API supports. For example, a request to the following URL searches for the second set of 10 recently uploaded videos matching the query term "football":


The following events are triggered by HWDMediaShare for use in hwdmediashare Joomla plugins.

The following frameworks are available in HWDMediaShare.

Media player framework Provides methods to use media players in HWDMediaShare to deliver video and audio files, and rtmp streams.
Commenting framework Provides methods to use commenting systems in HWDMediaShare.
CDN framework Provides methods to automatically transfer uploaded and converted media files to a CDN network, and subsequently deliver media files from reomte location.
Hosting platform framework Provides methods to integrate with hosting platforms, so media can be uploaded, converted and stored on remote services.
Remote media framework Provides methods to support remote media sites, so that media can be imported with meta data and delivered from remote site.