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200 Stream not found NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound 2 years 11 months ago #53236

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It seems my issues might not be a common problem as the topics I've found on the matter here in the forum and online otherwise are more than a year old.
However, my issue has a bit more to it.

When attempting to "Share" via social media (facebook in this case), I am getting the error (as are others that attempt to Share) "200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip]..." within the play window in the shared link (on my facebook wall). BUT I'm only getting the error on SOME videos not all of them and I cannot seem to track down a commonality.

It appears that some videos are attempting to utilize the Flow player but I've set things back to use JWPlayer4 in an attempt to rectify the situation.

I'm really not sure why it is giving me the error and am stumped as to where I should start at this point. I've currently been Sharing with custom/limited visibility on Facebook so only a few can see.

I am using Nightly Build (2.25 Revision 814) and can't say when the error started since it APPEARS to be working fine when one goes to "Share". The error only presents itself when one attempts to Play the video within Facebook so it may have been randomly happening but I didn't realize it since I wouldn't attempt to Play them once they were posted to the Wall/Newsfeed. (I don't actually post them often on my personal Wall, I handle the website for Life in the Carolinas and at times I would post as an Admin for the Life In The Carolinas TV Show page.)

I've tried testing on various computers with various browsers including getting the same error when attempting to view via Skyfire on an Android phone.

Thoughts, ideas?
(specifically for the video gallery)
I KNOW that when sharing the video Christmas Special - Full Show via the "Share" button below the video and sharing on Facebook, that video plays fine with the jwplayer on my FB Wall/Newsfeed.
However, when I share the video Christmas Special - Segemnt 2 in the same manner, when I go to do the same thing and attempt to play it on my Wall/Newsfeed, it appears to be attempting to call the Flow Player and then I get the error "200 Stream not found..."

Hopeful and thanful for any assistance in tracking this down.
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Re: 200 Stream not found NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound 2 years 11 months ago #53276

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within the play window in the shared link (on my facebook wall)
To clarify, you mean when you paste the URL of your hwdVideoShare video into the Facebook wall (or when you click on the Facebook button under the video player - which is basically doing the same thing), this error is produced when Facebook tries to playback the video within the Facebook wall?

You are not talking about on your site, or when using the "embed" code produced by hwdVideoShare.

When you paste the URL of the video into Facebook, there is no information at all given to Facebook about the video itself when you paste the URL. It is Facebook that extracts the video information from your website afterwards.

Support for how Facebook does this, was added to the Flow player plugin fairly recently. I suggest you upgrade to the version of the Flow player to the copy in tonight's Nightly Build.

Try again, and if you still have problems please leave the Flow player enabled and give a direct link to the video which does not work.
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Re: 200 Stream not found NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound 2 years 11 months ago #53287

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Yes, I mean within Facebook after I have "shared" a video (either with the Permalink or the "Share" button - I've tried both), the video will not play in Facebook.

In order for me to share a link here for you to see what I'm talking about within my Facebook wall, you and I would have to be "Friends" as I don't post videos from my personal wall (especially ones with errors) for the world to see. So, if you wish to "Add" me as a "Friend" (even if you remove me after the testing), that is the only way you can see the error unless you choose to post the video yourself on your own wall with custom settings that only allow you (or a few) to see the shared link. That way you can see what is happening without me having to post a video with known errors. (I gave specific video names about what video files I have been testing so that one could test for themselves - Christmas Special - Full Show plays fine when shared in FB, Christmas Special - Segment 2 does not)

The biggest confusion is that only SOME videos are giving the error and trying to "call" the Flow player. Others are not. However the videos that give the error are consistently giving the error. It's not as if I can post a link that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

Some videos are calling the JWPlayer and some are calling the Flow player (despite my settings in the back-end).

I will update to the latest Nightly Build but had made some modifications for my layout in order to get things to display as I wanted so I have to choose a time when there will likely be no one visiting the site in order to do that lest I get complaints from web viewers on the "funny" layout.
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Re: 200 Stream not found NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound 2 years 11 months ago #53295

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Here's the latest update:

I tried updating to the latest Nightly Build BUT it was disasterous. I had to go back to the the Nightly Build from late Oct.
Here were some of the immediate issues which forced me to revert:

1) on my site I've got the hwdVideoShare player on the left 2/3 of the page. When I intalled the latest NB the "front page" of the video component took over my page. Gone were my other modules from the page (no ads on the right, no login module...nada).

2) with the latest NB taking over my page I attempted to go ahead and post/share a video quickly just to see if that would resolve the sharing player issue. HOWEVER, when I clicked on a thumbnail of any video I was taken to a Login page where it told me I had to be logged in to view the content. * I have my settings in the back-end to be publicly viewable and registration/login required to upload so there is no reason why it should have been requiring me to login.

3) (somewhat continued from the previous issue)...during the "updated" state I noticed that the folder structure changed; Currently (on the somewhat functioning site) the Tab reads "Online" but while "updated" it changed to "Upload" (possibly Uploads or Uploaded). In any case, I didn't change any settings pertaining to where it should be seeking the videos and I cannot imagine why an "Update" would overwrite the structure.

I could not possibly leave the site like that so I had to revert back.
I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why the hwdvids component seems to be ignoring things like what player to use, permissions or folder structures. I'm fairly sure most of the modifications I've made to it were primarily to ../plugins/hwdps-template.

I am only bringing the matter up now because I've exahusted all I know to do, research, code, etc.

Here is the full text of the error which displays for a short while in a Facebook video post:

"200, Stream not found, NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound, clip: '[Clip] '"

I've no idea why it would be attempting to call anything pertaining to the Flow player seeing as how I've got JWPlayer (version 4) currently selected in the component settings. (I've tried JW5 and Flow as well, but get the error everytime on the same videos)

Help please.
What am I missing? (besides perhaps a healthy dose of common sense)
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Re: 200 Stream not found NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound 2 years 11 months ago #53306

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While testing, testing, re-testing, changing a gazillion and one settings just to test and re-test again, it came to mind that I should mention the fact that the ORIGINAL, base installation of the hwdVideoShare component was via a "third party" which included the component as part of one of their templates. If I'm not mistaken it was part of JoomlaXTC's Mixology and MixologyXT template. It was through JoomlaXTC that I learned of the hwdVideoShare component (and MediaShare).

I have just finished installing the latest Nightly Build in a back-up/sand box site I used prior to setting up It seems I am getting the "200 Stream not found..." error consistently when attempting to share anything from that site.

I really wish I could provide you with the Key to helping rectify the situation so I am going to just have to keep plugging away and trying to get closer to a solution.

I also noticed that if I use the "Mixology" layout/template that originally came with the template that the "Share", "Embed" and "Save" buttons are not visible. Not sure what's up with that either other than the original template component was missing some features that are available in the Nightly Build.

Just really thinkin' out loud here hoping that some of my ramblings make sense eventually.

I should also note that there has not been one time that I've gotten the front-end Upload option to work on either site. At times a video will actually upload (creating the random string of numbers/letters in the "uploads" directory) but nothing has ever shown as a completed Conversion and nothing ever shows on the Front Video page. Every video that is posted on the site is via "Remote" where I point to the files I've encoded and uploaded via FTP. It certainly would be nice if the uploader worked as well so I could have the video editor upload directly.
Maybe that issue is due to the original component file structure that was included with the JoomlaXTC's Mixology?
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