We wanted to give another update on the status of the new HWDMediaShare gallery development. Over the previous year we have been developing HWDMediaShare v2, which is a major new release designed for Joomla 3. It has already been published to our subscribers as a beta release for a number of months, and we have been getting lots of feedback.

Instagram recently launched a new Hyperlapse app, a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion. Just 18 months ago, hyperlapse was so obscure the term didn’t even have a Wikipedia entry. Then, little more than one year after someone created the wiki, the new Hyperlapse app racked up over 119k posts in its first week, and that's just the Instagram posts that were tagged with #hyperlapse.

We recently returned from another fantastic JoomlaDay in London, and wanted to share some highlights with our community who couldn't make it. JoomlaDay UK is now an annual event held at Sunningdale Park, in west London, and this year's event was the best yet! Thank you to everyone who came. In our industry, we don't often get to meet with the people we work. The Joomla community is very diverse, and I'm always amazed at how friendly, warm and welcoming we are when getting together face to face.

Those people who love old photos and history are now indebted to an academic who's been busy sharing his passion, and his knowledge of coding, to publish millions of copyright-free images on the photo sharing site Flickr.

Kalev Leetaru has already uploaded 2.6 million pictures to Flickr, which are searchable thanks to tags that have been automatically added.

HWD is very excited about sponsoring JoomlaDay UK again this year. It is the biggest Joomla! gathering in the UK, and last year people from around the world gathered to discuss and share their love of Joomla! The world's best CMS.

UpdateWe are excited to announce that HWDMediaShare 1.1.15 was released today. This will be one of the final maintenance releases of the Joomla 2.5 branch. As usual this release includes bug fixes and general stability improvements to the HWDMediaShare gallery software.

Facebook has acquired video advertising firm LiveRail, a tech start-up that helps companies place more relevant ads in the videos that appear on their websites and apps. LiveRail also provides a real-time bidding platform for marketers looking to place ads on online videos.

The firms did not reveal the financial terms, but some reports indicate that Facebook paid between $400m and $500m (£233m and £291m) to buy the firm.

Since September last year, a YouTube user named Webdriver Torso has uploaded over 80,000 videos on to their channel, most of which have been 11-second clips inexplicably filled with colored rectangles. The channel's eccentric patterns eventually drew the attention of the internet, leading to multiple attempts at understanding the true purpose behind Webdriver Torso.

Cisco has released a comprehensive report forecasting IP traffic up to and including 2018, and estimates global net traffic will triple within five years to a total of 131 exabytes of data per month. More people watching higher quality video would drive the huge increase, it said in its annual data report. This amounts to a million minutes of video crossing the net every second in 2018.

The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) contains estimates of projected IP traffic based on what the company terms "a combination of analyst projections, in-house estimates and forecasts, and direct data collection."

"Today, we are firmly in the 'Zettabyte Era' and witnessing incredible innovations and shifts in the industry," said Cisco VP of products and solutions marketing Doug Webster when announcing the VNI, citing what he called the "Internet of Everything", network mobility, and the onslaught of 4K video as primary drivers of the projected increase in IP traffic.

About 79% of all data in 2018 would be video compared with only 66% at the end of 2013, it said.

Facebook is rumored to be working on the development of its new video-chat app known as Slingshot, according to a new report from the Financial Times. The new app supposedly allows users to send short video messages. Slingshot is likely to be a standalone app from Facebook's popular text app Facebook Messenger.

This initiative was undertaken by Facebook soon after its efforts to acquire mobile-messaging startup, Snapchat failed in Oct 2013. This new app is considered to be an endeavor on Facebook's part to clone its rival Snapchat's messaging app. Snapchat enables users to send photos that automatically disappear after a few seconds, while in Slingshot users tap a contact's profile picture to instantly send a photo or short video, which the recipient can view only once.